VRay Crash Course

Learn the essentials of rendering in VRay from an Emmy Award winning 3D Artist. You will quickly become comfortable with render settings, lighting, advanced shader creation, displacement maps, depth of field, and much more. 

"I have to say as a V-Ray user for the last few years, your tut had tons of golden nuggets I wasn't aware of..."

"Seriously, definitely one of the best crash courses on VRay I have seen."

Vray crash course - 32bit studios
vray crash course tutorial 32bit

MAster the essentials

Follow along with 3D Artist Ian Ruhfass in this 3 hour VRay course. You will learn the essentials in VRay that you should be spending 99% of your time on.

A lot of tutorials out there go over the math and theory behind every little attribute in VRay leaving you more confused than when you started, but in this course I will show you the most important things that I focus on in the studio.


Less frustration = more creation

After becoming comfortable using lights and shaders in a fast/efficient manner, we will go over displacement, depth of field, motion blur, and render elements. At the end, I will show you a 40 minute lighting demo so that you can see my workflow and process as I light a scene. This course is recorded using VRay 3.6 for Maya, but the same settings and concepts will apply to any 3D software such as 3ds Max or Modo.

This course consists of the following chapters:

1 - Introduction (2min)

2 - Render Settings (40min)

3 - Lighting (24min)

4 - Shaders (55min)

5 - Extras (35min)

6 - Lighting Demo (40min)


Head model provided by Jose Limon - https://www.artstation.com/citriks